About us

Sustainable development is the key to a better tomorrow, and here we are with a small step, that could be another giant leap for mankind! Powertree is an Incubated Venture of PDPU Innovation and Incubation Centre and supported by Government of Gujarat under the Start-up Innovation Scheme of Industries Department. Our motto is to design Innovative solutions for solving problems in the area of Energy and Water. PowerTree has designed and installed it’s kind at various locations like Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar and Riverfront Park, Ahmedabad.

The PowerTree is where art, solar energy, and technology meet in a sculptural expression and helps in solving key problems such as consumption of space when compared to normal solar panels, as this design consumes very less area along with minimal maintenance. We at PowerTree intend to give another perspective on solar technology and to unravel the benefits it brings along, just with a greener hand!

In 2014, this project was started with a mission to ;

Design products, services, and experiences to improve the lives of people in poor, vulnerable communities who faced difficulties because of Energy and Water-Related Problems around the globe.

Our team

Our Products

Water Powertree

Water Powertree will Clean 2000 Llt/Day Water by Using RO and Powertree

Urban Powertree

This can be installed at Various gardens and building in Urban area for Free Music, Interner and WiFI